SUNDAY, JUNE 16, 2024



Dear Children of God,

         As the Worship staff was preparing for summer worship there was a funny exchange.  I had mentioned that we would be using the Nicene Creed.  In texting a question about it, autocorrect changed “Nicene” to “Niceness.”  Hmm….  The Niceness Creed.  We don’t have that one yet, but wouldn’t it be great if we wrote one?


         This Sunday we’ll be using the Nicene Creed in worship.  It is the first creed in our Book of Confessions.  This is the first and only creed used ecumenically by Christians around the world.  It was written after two Councils of the Church – Nicaea in 325 CE and Constantinople in 381 CE.  Only one phrase is in dispute between the Church of the West and the Church of the East.


         The Council of Nicaea was called together to unify the Church as it was growing in popularity and gaining power as Constantine declared Christianity for the Roman Empire.  Today the Nicene Creed links us to our Episcopalian, Lutheran, Methodist, Roman Catholic and even Orthodox siblings.  We each use it with different frequency but it can be heard in worship throughout the Christian world.  Does it unify us?  Still today the answer is yes.


          Does that make the Nicene Creed a “niceness” creed?  Perhaps.  I still think we should write a niceness creed that would direct the way we talk with each other across the aisles, across tables, and across those issues that threaten to divide us.


With a confessing faith,

Pastor Tiffany

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