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"A land that the LORD your God cares for. He watches over it through each season of the year!"  Deuteronomy 11:12

St. Andrew Property Team Mission Statement - The St. Andrew Property Team is there to oversee, guide and assist in the proper preservation, maintenance and cooperative meshing of the building and grounds and their intended usage through a collaboration of the Property Team, the Stewardship-Finance Team, the Facilities Manager, the Church Administration, the various other teams of the church, and the members.


St. Andrew Property Team Responsibilities

The St. Andrew Property Team is responsible for:

  • Maintenance of the facilities following procedures between the Team and paid church staff.
  • Review and approval of upgrades to be made before the upgrades are funded, and before any bidding and/or construction begins.
  • Review of suggestions made by the Facilities Manager and/or other staff for more efficient usage, upkeep and usability of the facility.
  • Review of suggestions by other Session members, the Pastor, and/or members at large for more efficient usage, upkeep and usability of the facility.
  • Proposal and review of all annual contracts dealing with required inspections, etc., as well as other routine maintenance contracts for the general maintenance and upkeep of the facility.  Contracts are then to be approved/reviewed by the Stewardship-Finance Team.
  • Surveillance of the facility on an on-going basis for ways to improve energy efficiency, maintain environmentally friendly operations, and/or reduce operating costs.


St. Andrew Property Team Flow of Work

The St. Andrew Property Team is one of the cogs in the process working in cooperation with the Facilities Manager, the Church Administrator, and the Stewardship-Finance Team. Always remembering that the Facilities Manager is under the direct supervision of the Church Administrator, the Facilities Manager will bring items to the attention of the Property Team that are outside normal day-to-day activities, and need to be addressed because they fall under the responsibilities of the Property Team. The Facilities Manager will bring to the Church Administrator those items, then as necessary, will contact member(s) of the Property Team, obtain direction, and follow through with those items once they have been approved by his/her direct supervisor and, if necessary, the Steardship/Finance Team, and/or the Session at large.  These items will be brought forth by the Property Team to the Session at large if need be.