"For we are both God's workers.  And you are God's field.  You are God's building."

1 Corinthians 3:9

The primary purpose of this team is to provide support to the Head of Staff in the day to day operations of the church and to assure that all staff have what is necessary to carry out their duties and responsibilities.  This team is responsible for the following areas: the church office and office employees, all church personnel and job descriptions and use of church property.  In conjuction with the Head of Staff, this committee will help conduct annual reviews of employees of the church.  This committee, in conjunction with other teams, will develop and implement policies and procedures that assure compliance with laws, regulations, insurance requirements and best practices.  This committee will also help the employees of St. Andrew Presbyterian Church grow by encouraging goal setting and achieving those goals, and working with the Head of Staff to create a healhty work environment.