Sunday Morning - 10am

Each Sunday morning we come together and meet in the sanctuary for worship, where we celebrate the goodness and grace of God.

Worship is the heart and soul of what we do as a Christian community and is a blend of traditional and contemporary styles. We sing traditional hymns with the organ as well as current contemporary music led by our Praise Band. Scripture reading, prayers and the sermon comprise the rest of the service.

Our worship seeks to include everyone and we encourage families to worship together for the opening portion of our worship service. Our service closes by holding hands and singing: “And He said, Go in peace and love one another, as I first loved you. Proclaim to all who’ll hear the good news of my coming. Keep faith in all you do".

Thursday Evening - 6pm

On Thursday evenings we gather in the Ministry Center, located in the newer building, for a casual dinner service we call Connections.

In an hour we sing, hear about Jesus, pray, and eat together. It is very similar to the way the first church did things. It is dinner church, and it will connect you to God and to people... it is Connections. Be a part of a whole world, a world connected to God and others.